The power of observing

In AIESEC we have this tradition of “Check-In” that we do before we start a meeting. You simply state what you have done today so you can put it aside and focus on what is about to happen in the meeting.

Loving the concept so much, I started to “Check-In” to my bed every night.
Because I believe in watching myself not asking it, I wanted to separate me from myself as much as I can.
Just like as if someone else is asking me one simple question: “How many productive tasks have you done today?” I would answer only in numbers. No emotions, no criticism, no frustration. Just a number. I would keep track of this number in my mind for days.

I did this for a week. What I found shook me and shocked me.
I wonder what will you find out?



Of discipline I speak; for it’s mandatory for success.

Here’s what I learned of it so far:

  • I lack discipline.
    It’s true. I was never forced to do anything I hated for all my life. I’m passion driven not discipline driven.
  • Discipline is paramount.
    Rome wasn’t built in one day nor anything else worth building (your dream). You ARE to do things that you don’t want to!
  • Discipline is about saying NO.
    Saying no to things you like, to people you love and to things you want to do.
  • Discipline is about FOCUS.
    The more focused you’re the easier it is to say no.
  • Discipline is simple, yet HARD!
    Get focused and consistently say NO!

Watch yourself do not ask it!

If you really wanna know who you are, don’t ask yourself. We all have this feeling that we are good whatever that means (it varies accordingly). It makes us feel better about ourselves. It is very hard to admit that you stand on the bad side, although you might be thinking that it is easy.

If you wanna know who you are (vital question to your growth), watch yourself act when there is no time to think. That is when your true self will be visible. You can talk about your values all day long, yet they are not what you’re about unless you act according to them without thinking.

We all love to talk good about ourselves. It takes courage to watch carefully what you do spontaneously and decide who you really are now. You will find lots of crap in there. Fix them. Watch again. Repeat.

Reality Check!

Unfortunately our societies don’t appreciate artists of your kind (status quo painters) as long as they are painting their art. Yet, once you’re finished everyone will be mad about you. Awkwardly, our society is based on a system where fit-ins don’t get noticed and heretics are glorified.

I know that most of the people don’t value what you do. Some of them might think it is a waste of time.
I know it is hard to push forward, to stay focused.

Once you get your art done, people who now think you’re a underachiever will look up to you. Once you change the status quo, your name will be carved in the history books. No one can erase it then.

No one said it will be easy, but damn it will be worth it!

I Am …

Why do we have to go through all the hardships to find who we really are?
Why didn’t the school try to help us?
Why does it seem like it doesn’t matter that we are searching for ourselves?
Why is everyone trying to mutter the answer? or even avoid the question?
Why is everyone trying to erase themselves and turn into what they are told to be? Why does it seem so awkward that I’m trying to find who I am?

What if you persisted through all the hardships?
What if you took all the kicks and kept going and did not falter?
What if you knew who you are meant to be?
What if you win the fight?

What are you?

If you are doing business just to make money, you are an imperialist junkie.

If you are doing business to change the world, you are an entrepreneur.

If you inspire people to go where they want to go (but can’t go alone), you are a leader.

Which one are you?

Are you a leader junkie?

Are you a leader entrepreneur?

Are you just a cog in the machine driven by one of those two?

The platform you are

Humans are the best platform ever! The intellectual, physical and spiritual capacity of humans -by definition- are endless. YOUR capacity is endless.

We all have the capacity to be the best there is; yet it is overwhelming how people don’t even try to be their best.

Think of yourself as the most powerful computer ever. One that can run any app, if you’re willing to go through the trouble of installing it!

The good news is; apps are free. Watch. Learn. Develop. Repeat.

If you don’t see YOU this way, you will end up blaming your circumstances, your parents and your education. You will not be making much progress either.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

Marianne Williamson