Level “infinty”

This post goes to my two friends who tried to commit suicide driven by mental distress, to all those who are out there struggling and to all the time I’ve personally spent depressed under the effect of chemicals.

I know that no words can describe what you feel inside.
I know that everything is much harder once you don’t own the man in the mirror.
I know that inner conflict that doesn’t make sense most of the time, yet it persists to always exist.
I know that you feel like “playing” the game of life in an “infinity” level while everyone else has their settings to “beginner” .
I know that it doesn’t make sense that it’s happening to you.
I know that you don’t know the reason, that you don’t know the meaning of it all.
I know how lost you feel.
I know that it all feels so unfair.

I know that things happen for a reason even if you don’t know it yet.
I know that there is always a meaning in every experience; especially in suffering.
I know it’s only those worth of suffering who can survive it.
I know that good lessons never come about the easy way.
I know it’s hard to believe.

Please know that I’ll always be here whenever you need me.


Different levels.

Mitchell Waldrop notes in his book Complexity:

There’s nothing very complicated about the water molecule; it’s just one big oxygen atom with two little hydrogen atoms stuck to it like Mickey mouse ears. Its behavior is governed by well-understood equations of atomic physics. But not put a few zillion of those molecules together in the same pot. Suddenly you’ve got a substance that shimmers and gurgles and sloshes. Those zillion molecules have collectively acquired a property, liquidity, that none of them possesses alone … The liquidity is ’emergent’. …The mind is an emergent property, the product of several billion neurons obeying the biological lows of the living cell.

He continues quoting Kenneth Anderson:

‘At each level of complexity, entirely new properties appear. At each stage, entirely new laws, concepts and generalizations are necessary, requiring inspiration and creativity … Psychology is not applied biology, nor is biology applied chemistry’.

Your consciousness is not your neoral signals.
Your soul is not your beating heart.