The power of observing

In AIESEC we have this tradition of “Check-In” that we do before we start a meeting. You simply state what you have done today so you can put it aside and focus on what is about to happen in the meeting.

Loving the concept so much, I started to “Check-In” to my bed every night.
Because I believe in watching myself not asking it, I wanted to separate me from myself as much as I can.
Just like as if someone else is asking me one simple question: “How many productive tasks have you done today?” I would answer only in numbers. No emotions, no criticism, no frustration. Just a number. I would keep track of this number in my mind for days.

I did this for a week. What I found shook me and shocked me.
I wonder what will you find out?


Seducing mediocrity

How long are u going to avoid the quest?
In our societies where mediocrity is near, it’s easy to forget your quest for an extraordinary (worthy) life.
Hard as it is, you ignore it as it brings more entropy than harmony to your mind. You try to forget.
You try to get involved In the pre-drawn map. Eventually finding anguish, you wonder why.

Avoiding your quest will not make it disappear. It is already embarked on your soul. Think of it as a curse (gift). Think of it as an itchy spot on your skin. It will always be there asking you to pursue it. Attending to it (no matter how hard) will get in the FLOW!

Indeed you might even gain that deepest of all satisfactions: knowing that your short time here on this earth has been well spent, and that it all mattered.

Jim Collins – Good To Great

Security is overrated!

Everyone hates insecurity. Horrified of losing their job suddenly, terrified of the anytime-collapse economy; they want a stable routinely life that goes on forever!

That’s why the world is boring. Exceptional things are scarce. Mediocrity is everywhere.

You’re in a war zone. You were made to fight, to change things and to impact lives. If you’re hiding, you will probably (not definitely) stay alive. But you’re missing the fun!

If your life story is not worth telling, you’re not alive.

Be brave. Take risks. Make a failing start-up. Try new things. Travel abroad and lose some money.

Make mistakes. Learn lessons. Repeat.

Embrace the bad news, the collapses and the insecurity. Embrace having a life. Embrace your ups and downs. Be interesting. Do not be dull and boring.

Security equals Boring.

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Adapted from