Although in it’s most beautiful form it is, innovation doesn’t always have to be about leading a revolution. Innovation can be about solving humble day to day problems ordinary people face.
Helping people perform better at task they they are deeply connected to. Giving delightful experiences even in the simplest of tasks.

Improving every little experience people go through, by providing delightful and intuitive workflow, gives rise to the biggest revolution of all.

The design revolution.


What Apple does best

What Apple does best is launching a product(idea) to the customers and watching closely how people will use it and tweak it to fit them more.

It takes a huge amount of humbleness to say “I created this, but I’ve no idea how people will use it”. To KNOW that in the core of what you do is building tools/platforms. That your products are not means in themselves, they serve a specific purpose that you have no means of knowing when you’re creating it. You can only speculate and guess beforehand. However, when It’s out there in the wild you’ve to watch carefully how your idea is being adapted and accept that way whatever it is. Moreover, you’ve to build upon it.

What about your next idea, your next project?
Do you arrogantly design it to fit only specific uses that you assume it will be used for?
Human Centered Design is about dealing with uncertainty, you have to accept that.


We are surrounded by tools everywhere. Good ones and bad ones.
Tools make us better at what we do making the task at hand easier.
Good tools makes us powerful and extends our capabilities without making us feel we are being helped.

The beauty of tools is that they disappear when you use them, leaving the focus on the task at hand. Good tools do that at least.

Well designed tools are subtle. You can only tell good tools when you use bad ones.
Think about all the tools you use daily. From your pencil to your knife to your car. Behind each tool is a designer.

Good designers find problems people don’t feel, make up tools to help people effortlessly solve them.

If there were no designers, there would be no tools and we would go back to be cavemen.