There is no map!

Human life has always been an unstructured (nonlinear) adventure. Till the enlightenment era invited linearity into your life. Somebody else started planning your whole life. Turning your life into the biggest assembly line ever. Making you the perfect (cheapest) cog. Teaching you to ignore all the intangible. Selling you that comfy, linear, secure life.

Guess what? You loved it. We all did. Who are you to know more than your parents and your teachers?! (DUH!) You even get someone to blame if things go wrong!

The results?

We get depressed midway (mid-life crisis). We feel like somebody stole our lives. We complain that years fly by.

I’m wondering what are we missing. I’m wondering what if we gave up our linear life for a more biological nonlinear life that we steer. How would life look like if you made the choice to be you! Just you. The unique and only you. What if you get comfortable with having no map. Because there is no map!


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