How to Drip-blog

Drip-blogging: publishing one post everyday that is short (readable), deep and meaningful.

Two parts. A hard part and an easy part.

Part one: Stimulate your mind continuously; I can’t tell you how to, yet here are some tips:

  • Read one book a week.
  • Sleep early and wake up early. Six to seven hours of sleep are enough.
  • Workout lightly once a day.

Part two: Write down your thoughts; Here’s how to:

  • Voice record any idea that hits you anytime. Record all the details. Spare none.
  • Write the post on your blog. Make it as perfect as you can. DO NOT publish it. Save it as a draft.
  • Forget the whole thing. Sleep it over the night.
  • Next day, read the draft again. THIS IS A CLUTTERED POST. SIMPLIFY it to its bare essentials. Hit publish.
  • Repeat.

P.S.; This is both inspired and adapted from Seth Godin’s blog. Follow him at


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