Security is overrated!

Everyone hates insecurity. Horrified of losing their job suddenly, terrified of the anytime-collapse economy; they want a stable routinely life that goes on forever!

That’s why the world is boring. Exceptional things are scarce. Mediocrity is everywhere.

You’re in a war zone. You were made to fight, to change things and to impact lives. If you’re hiding, you will probably (not definitely) stay alive. But you’re missing the fun!

If your life story is not worth telling, you’re not alive.

Be brave. Take risks. Make a failing start-up. Try new things. Travel abroad and lose some money.

Make mistakes. Learn lessons. Repeat.

Embrace the bad news, the collapses and the insecurity. Embrace having a life. Embrace your ups and downs. Be interesting. Do not be dull and boring.

Security equals Boring.

Adapted from

Adapted from


One thought on “Security is overrated!

  1. Totally right .I was watching a movie in the morning right before reading that and there were tow people playing golf and somewhere in the middle there was a point that needed taking risk because of lake in the middle one of the players just hit the ball with all the power he had and the other one played in the safe side I’m not sure who won 😀 but they talked about that and the first player was a former US president and he said “If i didn’t give it all i had i’d not have been the president ” , Taking risks is much more fun than following the usual “no Risk no Fun ” 🙂

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