New world order

The world now is in a transitional period between two eras.

During the olden era; fitting in, following instructions and being a cog was all what society appreciated. Most of the educational systems were built around that. 

Listen hard, conform harder. Be cheap. Be replaceable. We will give you a secure life.

The next era is where art, uniqueness and the new are all what the society appreciates. Some industries are born in that era like software and IT industry. Educational systems are yet to catch up.

Rebel, stop following the rule-book. Write you own rule-book. Draw your own map. We will give you a secure life.

Yet sooner or later every organization and industry will have to shift to that new era where only one person can make a difference. 

What this all means is you -as a student- have two choices.

Either you educate yourself for the past or educate yourself for the future.

Your life, your choice!


2 thoughts on “New world order

  1. it’s not a transitional era , it is the nature of man kind . people want to feel secure , they want to have their own food own place own family or whatever , they dun give a shit about other people that’s not new , not this era .This is human nature , but among these people u can find “HEROES” “CREATIVE”, “MAD ones ” who dun wanna live the normal lives so they give everything a try .They want to live their own lives they want to change they want to innovate and create .You can know about those people from the history and from your daily news papers and i’m sure the same will be in the future. Being one of those “MAD” people is the best thing that could happen to your life.

    1. I agree. There are some biology theories about the human brain that can satisfy where is this fear coming from. That means in turn that it is a function of being human.
      I have to say that it takes courage and confidence to take that step to be one of those MAD you talked about.

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